Love Hewitt apologises to Adam Levine

Los Angeles: Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has apologised to rocker Adam Levine for going public about her feelings for him, but feels the singer should have at least acknowledged her compliments. During an appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, the 33 year-old hinted that she`d like to hook up with newly-single Levine.

"I`m just saying. Look, we would be cute," she said.

But now Love Hewitt is backtracking after silence from Levine on her remarks, reports a website.

"Is there nothing else to talk about?," she said in a radio interview Friday.

"Absolutely nothing anything had happened after she opened up about her except that everybody is talking about it and Adam Levine will probably never speak to me. I feel like I should write him an apology letter on Twitter or something just to say I`m so sorry,"she added.

But the actress admits she is a little upset that Levine hasn`t commented upon her remarks.

"I was kind of hoping that he would say thanks for at least thinking that he`s hot. He is hot!," she said.