Madonna ‘very annoyed’ at losing VIP status in Malawi

Updated: Apr 12, 2013, 11:11 AM IST

New Delhi: Madonna reportedly got ‘very annoyed’ when the singer, her two kids and her 15 companions were forced to queue to check in and go through security with ordinary passengers at a Malawi airport terminal on Saturday after she was allegedly stripped of her VIP status in the country.

The singer and her spokesperson were angry at the change in protocol, which was apparently prompted by a war of words between the ‘Material Girl’ and the Malawian authorities, the Independent reported.

Celebrities and heads of state arriving at Kamuzu International Airport are normally taken from and to planes by limousine and are given access to a special VIP lounge.

A Department of Aviation source at Kamuzu International Airport told The Telegraph that there was an order that Miss Louise Ciccone, travelling on an American passport, and her children should use the ordinary passenger terminal on their way to their jet.

The source added that the 54-year-old singer’s manager Trevor Neilson and her security detail tried to negotiate but they were told that the VIP lounge couldn’t be opened for them without authorisation.