Marilyn Monroe`s confidante reveals story behind `Happy Birthday Mr. President` after 52 years

New York: Marilyn Monroe`s make-up artist Marie Irvine has revealed the story behind her magnificent performance of ` Happy Birthday Mr. President` to John F. Kennedy, breaking her silence of 52 years.

Irvine said that the late actress got extremely nervous before her now-famous Madison Square Garden performance on May 19, 1962, the New York Daily News reported.

Monroe was disturbed because 20th Century Fox had threatened to draw her from the `Something`s Got To Give` if she performed for the President, but she desperately wanted to make impression on Kennedy, and kept rehearsing her song throughout the day, added the make-up artist.

Irvine stated that the singer had forgotten a pair of earrings which were a part of her look, and she had rushed to the venue to give her the jewelry, which happened to be the last time she saw the star as she died several weeks after that.

Irvine also said she could not believe that Monroe committed suicide at the age of 36, and might have confused the number of pills she took.

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