Marlon Brando secret phone tapes revealed

London: A new report suggests that Hollywood legend Marlon Brando dodged Caliornia`s strict phone laws by recording phone conversations with famous and powerful people.

The late "Sayonara" star secretly and illegally taped private recordings with friends and associates and left behind a treasure of unheard chats, reported Contactmusic.

"Brando was famous for making late-night phone calls, and I think he recorded almost every conversation he had," said Mike Medavoy, one of the executors of Brando`s estate.

"He was a lover of technology. There are reel-to-reel tapes from the 1950s. He had put a giant tape recorder in the middle of the table as he had conversations with people. There is so much he collected about himself and so many more sides to Marlon Brando than the world has seen so far," said Jeffrey Abrams, manager of Brando Enterprises.

Abrams is in talks with the star`s family in an effort to collect the candid chats, personal letters and photographs that fans have never seen.

"He knew almost every major celebrity in town and it is no secret he loved to gossip with them on the phone... There are a lot of people in Hollywood who will be holding their breath," an insider said.

According to the California Law, civilians are forbidden from recording phone chats without the permission of the other party or parties on the line.