Meera Bai Jayanti: How lord Krishna saved her life

Here's how How lord Krishna saved Meera's life

Meera Bai Jayanti: How lord Krishna saved her life
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New Delhi: Today, on the occasion of 'Meera Bai Jayanti', we bring you the story of legendary poetess Meera who was a great devotee of lord Krishna.

Meera was Born in a royal family of Kuduki district of Pali (Rajasthan) during the 16-century. Meera's parents died when she was a young girl, and she was brought up by her grandfather. 

Interestingly, Meera's grandfather was a great devotee of lord Krishna. This is how Meera was first introduced to the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

One fine day, a saint gifted little Meera an idol of Krishna. And, since then, Meera spent most of her time with it. Also, she became Krishna's ardent devotee.

Later, Meera got married to Prince Bhoj of Mewad. But, unfortunately soon after the marriage, she became a widow. However, Meera's deep faith in lord Krishna didn't fade away even then. She sang, day and night, in Krishna's glory. 

Upset by this behaviour, Meera's in-laws then decided to teach her a lesson. 

Once, they placed a snake among the flowers which Meera used for worshipping. To everyone's surprise, when Meera placed her hand in the basket that snake turned into a garland. This is how Krishna protected his devotee.

This didn't stop her in-laws. Later, they again tried to harm Meera by giving her a glass of poisonous milk. In spite of the fact that Meera knew about the poison, she drank it saying, ''O Shrikrushna, I do not fear death, but I am unhappy because I would not be able to serve you anymore." 

Miraculously, Krishna turned the poisonous milk into Amrit and again saved her life. Seeing this, her in-laws realised that Meera was indeed a passionate devotee of Shri Krishna and stopped harassing her further. 

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