Men are cleaner around the home than women!

London: A survey has indicated that men are apparently cleaner around the home than women.

Though men may like a clean house but that does not necessarily mean they are better than women at keeping it that way.

But where they do excel is at arranging for hired help to come in and do their dirty work. Domestic cleaning agency Homeclean found that 54 percent of its new clientele are men.

According to them, this is a significant increase on three years ago when 62 percent of their customers were women and 38 percent men.

“Men are just as likely to call us as women even if they are married or in a relationship,” the Daily Express quoted Homeclean’s Teresa Godbold as saying.

The big difference between the sexes is that guys are more easily pleased when it comes to keeping tidy.

Godbold said: “Men are very straight-forward, they call us to get a cleaner into their homes and they do not particularly care to know any details about them.”

But female employers will often ‘set traps’ for their domestic help, such as putting an object in a place to see if it gets moved.


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