Miley Cyrus advised Justin Bieber to quit showbiz after meltdown

London: Miley Cyrus has admitted to having begged Justin Bieber to quit showbiz following his public meltdown earlier this year

The 20-year old felt that she was qualified to advise Bieber to take a break from showbiz, as both the teenage stars have grown up in the limelight.

The former ` Hannah Montana ` star desperately wanted Beiber to move on after videos of him behaving erratically emerged in March.

Cyrus said that she told Beiber to take a time-out, assuring him that people weren`t so obsessed with him.

She advised to him that though people are primarily interested in music, they see everything, asserting that when there is a video by a celebrity, even if it`s funny, they can become very judgmental, the Mirror reported.

Cyrus said that she has advised Beiber to not talk about this, as it fuels the fire.

She added that Bieber`s still stupid though.


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