Miley Cyrus` tour bus bursts into flames

Los Angeles: Pop star Miley Cyrus` tour bus caught fire and burst into flames while her sister and mother were still inside, but everyone managed to escape unharmed.

The 21-year-old `Wrecking Ball` hitmaker`s convoy caught fire after one of its tires blew, reported MTV online.

The incident happened in New Orleans but luckily Miley was still in her hotel room when the vehicle set alight.

However, Miley`s close family members were inside the vehicle, but they all managed to escape in time.

Miley` younger sister Noah posted a video of the aftermath of the fire on her Instagram account, which shows the entire bus engulfed in flames on the roadside.

The vehicle belonged to Miley`s mother, Trish.

The exact location of the incident is still unknown.

The tour itself has garnered controversy for Miley`s provocative style and sexually charged performances.