Now, log on to to flirt anonymously!

Washington: Too scared to flirt with the beautiful girl sitting across the classroom? Enter, a college social networking site where you can admire the woman of your dreams anonymously.

A person has the option of posting a short blurb about the woman he’s admiring in hopes that she sees it -- and responds.

The site was co-founded by Evan Reas, a 2009 Stanford graduate. Reas said that he "wanted to make a way to let people connect and just see what happens."

He said that while people have the chance to speak to a stranger every day, they are often too shy.

"Say you always go to a certain cafe, and you see the same people over and over and you don’t feel comfortable going up to them," ABC News quoted him as saying.

That’s where Like A Little comes in. The site was created with a simple goal: facilitate a conversation between strangers.


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