Now, ‘marijuana sodas’ to get you high

Washington: A Colorado company has created a line of sodas with the main ingredient as marijuana.

Dixie Elixirs has made the drink available to anyone with a prescription for medical marijuana. The sodas come in eight different flavours, including pink lemonade, root beer and grape, reports Discovery News.

The drink makers said that part of the reason they developed their line of mary-jane drinks was to remove that "reefer madness" stigma associated with marijuana smokers.

If California voters decide to make recreational marijuana legal this November, one may start seeing these organic sodas in grocery stores and liquor stores right next to the stuff from Pepsi and Coke.

At a time of sagging soda sales, drink makers are looking for a way to boost sales, and marijuana might be the answer. Medical marijuana has already proven an effective way at boosting newspaper sales, of all things.