Preparing Olive to be a big sister: Drew Barrymore

Los Angeles: Actress Drew Barrymore says she is trying to prepare her 14-month-old daughter Olive to be a big sister.

Barrymore, 38, is expecting her second child with art consultant husband Will Kopelman, reported Us magazine.

"I read her a lot of books. She loves books! That`s her favorite thing in the world, books. She is 14 months so it`s as much as she can grasp but she definitely gets it. She points to my stomach and says baby. How cool is that?," she said.

Though Barrymore admits of being more relaxed this time around, but says there is still the stress of being a working mother.

"You just always feel torn. It`s always a juggling act and a balancing act, but I think life is always there to teach you how to try to be as graceful as you can," she added.