Prince Charles has a personal staff of 124!

London: Prince Charles has as many as 124 staff members to his service, it has been revealed.

This figure more suited to a Tudor monarch than a modern-day, pared-down Prince.

His current official household of 124 compares to 94 five years ago, reports a news daily.

There are valets to dress him and polish his shoes, chefs to indulge his every organic culinary whim, and a small army of estate workers, gardening being one of his greatest passions.

That`s not to mention the charity administrators, travelling orderlies and correspondence secretaries who helped the Prince write a staggering 1,869 letters to Ministers, property developers and members of the public last year.

Meanwhile, the average salary at Clarence House is 49,835 pounds, compared with 33,221 pounds at Buckingham Palace.

The Prince`s total expenditure on staff last year was 6,303,000 pounds, a slight increase on the 6,244,000 pounds he spent the year before.

Prince Charles gave an interview to American magazine Vanity Fair to promote his green manifesto, ``Harmony: A New Way Of Looking At Our World.``


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