Prince William holds `secret stag party`

London: Prince William held his last bachelor`s stag night party not at a jazzy nightspot, but at a country retreat, hoodwinking the media.

The 28-year-old Prince`s last bachelor bash was contrary to anticipation, a low key affair organised by his would be best man - his younger brother Harry.

Would the Prince`s last bachelor party be held in Scotland or South Africa, would there be old fashioned British boozing, or would Harry, William`s sometimes wayward organise a spectacular event for the occasion?

These were the questions in intense speculation in British media after it was officially announced that he would marry his long time girlfriend Kate Middleton. The media had predicted that a party would be a `wild one`, by Harry in one of the numerous nightspots frequented by him.

But in the end, it turned out to be a sober, low key affair with the two Princes and 20 of their friends partying at a country estate outside London, according to a daily.

But even the paper was in dark, where the stag night took place.

Outwitted by Prince Harry, all eyes in the media are now on Middleton`s bachelorette party plans, with one Tabloid reporting that her sister Pippa will be throwing a `Dirty Dancing`, themed hen party.

But, where, the guessing game is on.