Princess Diana`s life to be made into a movie

Princess Diana`s life is set to be made into a movie and film producer Stephen Evans is lining up a Hollywood actress to play the late British royal.

Evans is lining up a Hollywood actress to play the late British royal - who tragically died in a car crash in August 1997 - in a film that will be based on her bodyguard Ken Wharfe`s memoirs from his book `Diana: Closely Guarded Secret`, reported Mirror online.

"We are dealing with about 11 years of her life from just after she had Harry, when he`s aged about two, and it`s partly from the point of view of her protection bodyguard. The emphasis on this really is authenticity and to discover what she went through. Unless you are a Diana freak, quite a lot of it will be unknown to the audience," said Evans.

"The movie`s not saying she is unbelievably wonderful or she`s a pain in the neck, the audience can make their own view. I think she had some marvellous qualities, absolutely phenomenal qualities and tremendous charisma. She was also very good at one-liners... very witty, sharp.

"Intellectually, she was not in the top level but on the other hand had native cunning, stubbornness. Once she made up her mind she was like a bulldozer. She could be a pain, she was lethal. She utilised friendships and dumped friendships," he added.

Evans is hoping his movie will follow in the successful footsteps of `The Iron Lady`, which saw Meryl Streep play former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, but he says the political film "isn`t great".

Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson have been linked to a film called `Diana`, while Jessica Chastain is set to star in another movie about the royal entitled `Caught in Flight`, which will be based on a real-life affair Diana tried to keep hidden.


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