Robert Pattinson deters intrusive fans with camera

London: Robert Pattinson, who struggles to deal with constant attention, has devised a method of tackling his overzealous fans when he wants some time to himself.

The Twilight heartthrob has admitted that when he finds people taking his photos at various restaurants, he walks up to them and just starts clicking dozens of their pics in return.

"I``m quite sensitive to people. You pick up on moods quicker, I think. I``m also really good at sensing if someone is around. It``s weird, it``s like a sixth sense,” the Daily express quoted him as telling Metro newspaper.

"I always know if someone``s taking a picture as well... You see people just taking a picture casually at a different (restaurant) table. I``ve got into the habit now of going up to people with my phone with the flash on and just start taking pictures two inches away from their face,” he added.