Shia LaBeouf says Brad Pitt is like his husband

Shia LaBeouf says Brad Pitt is like his husband


Los Angeles: Actor Shai LaBeouf has talked about his friendship with Brad Pitt saying the Hollywood star is like his 'husband'.

The 28-year-old actor revealed his relationship with his 'Fury' co-star was spousal, reported Us Weekly. Asked if Pitt was like a father figure for him, the 'Transformers' actor replied, "No, I never looked at him like a father figure.

"He's like my husband. I'm his wife, he's my husband. He's daddy, I'm mommy. That's how we were in the tank and that's how it still," LaBeouf said.

"Brad's very paternal but he's also an equal. I don't want to paint him as the old guy in the tank, that's not who he is. I mean, he's on the same level as all of us. He just has a lot of wisdom." Pitt, 50, meanwhile, said that his relationship with his 'Fury' co-stars was more parental. 

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