Speed of your smile can influence people`s first impressions of you

London: The speed of your smile can shape the first impressions others have of you, according to a new research.

Smiling too quickly can lead others to think that you are insincere, while slow grins appear more genuine.

As part of the research, a team of business advisors examined how smiling can give clients a positive impression.

They discovered that a smile, which appears too swiftly and does not extend to the eyes can sends signals that you lack sincerity.

They found that people should avoid three types of grin:

The Enthusiast – A huge smile showing all of your teeth and wide eyes can be overbearing.

The Big Freeze – A constant, practiced smile that lacks sincerity.

The Robot – A tiny, polite smile that doesn`t display warmth.

"Studies show people perceive a slower, natural smile which floods the entire face to be more genuine," the Sun quoted Lesley Meechan of the Glasgow-based Go Group as saying.

Psychologist Bridget Hanna added: "Smiling all the time appears over-pleasing and lowers your status."



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