Teens text every 10 mins every day

Washington: A new study has revealed that teenagers on an average send and receive text messages every 10 minutes of every waking hour of every day of the year.

According to the report released by Nielsen on cell phone use in the second quarter of the year, teenage girls are thumbing their way to new texting records ahead of boys.

In total, cell phone users ages 13 to 17 sent and received an average of 3,339 texts a month, up 8 percent from the second quarter of 2009. Girls averaged 4,050 texts, and boys sent 2,539, reports the Washington Post.

Text messaging - because of ease of use and fast transmission - is what 43 percent of teenagers say is their primary uses for a cell phone.

That’s why, according to Nielsen, the first they thing look for in a phone is a QWERTY raised keyboard, as opposed to touch screens. Two years ago they said the primary reason for having a cellphone was for safety factors.