Tipsy Harry becomes crowd-puller at party

London: Leaving behind all protocol, Prince Harry drank a few shots of rum and danced in the streets of Belize, a former British territory in Central America, as he began a tour to celebrate Queen Elizabeth`s diamond jubilee.

Dressed in a traditional Belize shirt, Harry became "a rum drinking, street dancing, crowd-pleasing royal" that left him "dripping with sweat" during a meeting Friday with the people of Belize, a leading daily has reported.

The prince came to the country to name a street in honour of his grandmother. He bonded with the local people at a street party and tried out local dishes. The prince took the hand of 36-year-old Denese Enriquez and told her: "Let`s dance a little bit, not too much."

Enriquez later said her friends would be impressed when she told them who her dance partner was. "They will probably be dumbstruck," she added.

Belize was known as British Honduras till 1981 and is still within the Commonwealth.