Today’s youngsters prefer computer games to holidays

London: A survey has revealed that the young generation would rather stay at home and play computer games than go on a holiday.

The report by Future of Free Time, commissioned by online leisure firm, said they would prefer to play video games and visit chat rooms than travel the world.

And that as 3-D technology improves more will be tempted to sightsee from the comfort of their sitting room.

“Rather than travel, this group of Go-Nowhere Gamers prefer to transfer their lives into the home, playing computer games and watching TV,” a news daily quoted the report as stating.

Spending on out-of-home leisure activities fell during the recession but sales of in-home electronics grew.

The report predicts that in future “young people might choose online chat rooms rather than face to face interaction with friends”.

“This is a trend we’ve already seen in Japan,” Patricia Yates, of travel organisation Visit Britain, added.



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