Tony Blair opens up about `passionate` French love affair

London: Former British PM Tony Blair has revealed how he had a passionate affair with a woman in France when he was young.

The confession is in the French edition of his autobiography.

Blair spent several months as a student working in a French bar.

"One day, I fell in love with a Frenchwoman. She was passionate. I was a little . . . English. `Stop thinking and learn to have pleasure`, she would tell me," the Sun quoted him as saying.

"When I was Prime Minister, I had political differences with France, but they never interfered with my love for the country.

Blair also admitted that he wanted to become the first EU President last year.

"I`m basically a public service guy. I would have taken the European job if they had offered it to me last year.

Meanwhile in a US TV interview to promote his book, A Journey, Blair described Princess Diana as an "extraordinary, engaging, beautiful, amazing, iconic figure".

"She was a kind of meteor coming into what had been a fairly well-disciplined, well-ordered ecosystem,” he said.

Blair`s 24-pound memoirs have broken UK sales records after a ‘stupendous’ first day in shops, booksellers said.