Twitter users romantic relationships don`t last long

Updated: Apr 22, 2011, 15:24 PM IST

London: Twitter users`` romantic relationships don’t last as long as those of non-Twitterers and the problem gets worse as users get older, a new study has revealed.

The result concluded by OkTrends - the research arm of free online dating website of OkCupid - comes from a survey of 833,987 of its 7million users, reports the Daily Mail.

The study found that an 18-year-old Twitter user has an average relationship-length of around nine months while non-Twitterers - defined as ``everybody else`` - enjoy an average relationship of nine and a half months.

But the problem intensifies as the users get older and by the time Twitterers hit 50, the disparity stretches to a two month gap.

The average relationship length for Twitter users at that age is 15 months as opposed to 17 months for ``everybody else``.

“Unfortunately, we have no way to tell who’s dumping who here; whether the Twitterati are more annoying or just more flighty than everyone else,” said the website.