Valentine week: Celebrate 'Hug Day' in this unique way!

Valentine week: Celebrate 'Hug Day' in this unique way!
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In the most celebrated week of Valentine, today happens to be 'Hug Day'. The expression of making your feelings known to the other person is not just a 'lovers' right', it can also be seen as a perfect time to say how much you care about your friends.

Take a little time out from your mundane life and celebrate this week with a perfect 'Hug'!

Teddy Hug:

Of course, who would not love a 'teddy hug' on this day! You can surprise your friends or partner by giving them a cute teddy hug. No one will complain, as hug is a purest form of expression, which shows how much you care.

Tight Hug:

People in love will surely do that. In this season, which is so full of love—give your loved one a tight hug and make them feel the 'happiest' in the world.

Side Hug

If you are not so pally with someone and just want to wish them on this day (don't make a face, while you think why do I have to), you can be cordial at least. A side hug would be just perfect. Spread love this season not animosity. Remember!

Surprise Hug

This one is the most loved form of hugs. If you haven't disclosed your plan to your loved one as yet—you can surprise thm with a sweet hug, but it has to be done iin a way they can't see you come for the hug. Got it? A hug from behind while your partner thinks you are away can bring back the lost smile

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