We will arrest Tulisa, say cops

London: Tulisa is expected to face arrest for setting up a cocaine deal that was exposed by a newspaper recently, the police have revealed.

The former X Factor judge, will be questioned by the Scotland Yard, over her hand in fixing the 800 pounds handover with a drug dealer friend.

The `I Need You` singer had arranged for her friend, Mike GLC, to supply half an ounce of `class A drug` cocaine to the undercover reporter of the publication.

The actress was taped telling the Sun reporter at London`s posh Nobu restaurant, that half the guys she knew are drug dealers with one of them being a massive cocaine dealer.

She also described the guy as her best friend.

The 24-year-old star also asked the agent if he wanted weed and insisted that she would talk to the guy and arrange for anything.

When we double-checked if drugs other than cannabis were available, she replied: "Anything - cocaine."

She said she did not take cocaine herself but confirmed that she did arrange supplies for pals.