Whitney Houston’s hotel room `had traces of cocaine at time of death`

Washington: Authorities have reportedly recovered cocaine from the hotel room where Whitney Houston died. Though the quantity of the drug found has not been revealed, official documents term it as “white powdery remnants”, which was later tested and has been confirmed as being cocaine, a website has reported. Apparently, Beverly Hills detectives are not investigating rumours that someone removed cocaine from the room, because they’re convinced it wasn’t removed.

According to sources directly involved with the investigation, who had earlier claimed that no illegal drugs were recovered from the room, they say that they were unaware at the time that cocaine was present. Although law enforcement is in the final stages of their investigation, they are not focusing on anyone who possibly removed cocaine, because authorities are in possession of the goods.

Houston was found dead in her bathtub in the hotel. Autopsy reports showed cocaine in her system, and listed cocaine and drowning as contributors to her death.