Why Lord Hanuman carries a mountain on his arm! Here's why

Find out why Lord Hanuman carries a mountain on his arm!

Why Lord Hanuman carries a mountain on his arm! Here's why
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New Delhi: We all have seen Lord Hanuman's idol or even a picture of him carrying a mountain, right? But do you have any idea on what's the reason behind it? Well, the story behind this goes like this. Lord Hanuman, who is known for his great valour had once lifted the mountain Dronagiri, just to bring the life-saving herb- Sanjivani so as to save Lakshman's life.

Once Lakshmana was severely injured while fighting against Ravana's son Indrajit. Following this, Lord Rama had asked Hanuman to get the life-restoring herb Sanjivani Booti which was available only at the Dronagiri Mountains situated in the vast Himalayas. Also, the younger brother of Lord Rama- Lakshmana needed to be treated until day break.

On hearing this, Ravana further plans to distract Hanuman and sent a witch Kalanemi to deviate the lord's directions in finding the potent herb. Initially, Kalanemi disguised as a sage and succeeded in fooling Hanuman. However, later disturbed by witch's behaviour the lord kills her.

Later, Ravana tries to instruct Surya, the sun god to appear before its time so that the day break can happen soon. However, Hanuman transforms himself into a huge size so as to prevent Surya from appearing.

Yet, when Lord Hanuman was not able to hunt for the right herb then he lifts the whole mountain and carries it to Lanka where the physician identifies the much-needed herb and cures Lakshmana.

Later, Hanuman releases the sun god and even seeks forgiveness as he considers the sun god, Surya as his teacher. Rama couldn't thank Pavan Putra enough for his efforts to save his dear brother Lakshmana.

Interestingly, the portion of the Dronagiri parvat which lord Hanuman had lifted is believed to be situated on the right shoulder of the ranges and the wounds are still visible on the mountain till day. People residing there consider the mountains to be very auspicious and geographically these mountains are situated in the Uttaranchal state.

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