World loves ‘pasta’ more than meat, rice and pizza!

London: Pasta, which is the staple dish of Italian cuisine, has been ranked as world’s favourite food, ahead of meat, rice and pizza.

According to a global survey conducted by Oxfam in 17 countries, pasta topped the list of most relished foods due to its growing popularity in the US, Asia, Africa and Europe.

As a food with around 600 different varieties including popular exports like penne and tagliatelle, the dish has been ranked as the second most popular food in the UK, after steak and ahead of chicken.

Curry, thought to be one of the most popular cuisines in Britain, ranked fourth, reports the Daily Mail.

Oxfam revealed that pasta reigns supreme thanks to its versatility and specialities.

Although national dishes are still popular such as paella in Spain and schnitzel in Germany, pizza and pasta are now the favourite foods of many, with more than half of the countries (nine out of 17) listing one or both in their top three foods.

However, Tanzania, Russia, Philippines, Pakistan, Mexico, Kenya, India and Ghana were exceptions.

The survey also highlighted the worldwide popularity for Asian food. Chinese was the second-most popular in Mexico while sushi made the top ten in five countries including the USA and South Africa.


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