`Bollywood live` opera auditions start in UK

Updated: Apr 08, 2013, 13:32 PM IST

London: Auditions have started for `Bollywood Live,` a BBC production adapted from the opera Carmen by Bizet, in Bradford.

The musical will also include original music and pop songs.

The lead cast is yet to be announced and the event will be taking place on 9 June in Bradford`s City Park with a simultaneous broadcast on BBC Three

The volunteer performers will be working alongside professional actors and dancers.

Choreographer Honey Kalaria said that their team has seen some fantastic and extremely talented members of the public and it would be a real challenge for them to use different skills and experiences to make sure that the routines on the night look professional and extravagant.

Director Indra Bhose said that their team will also be recruiting for backstage roles, as for the scale and spectacle of the show the team needs local people to help them out with the costume and the make up.

The show`s music has been composed by Kuljit Bhamra who earlier worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber on the West End musical `Bombay Dreams.`