Britney Spears buys oil painting in parking lot

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2013, 08:35 AM IST

Los Angeles: Britney Spears stopped by an artist`s roadside shop in a parking lot while she was out on a shopping trip and bought an oil painting depicting a Parisian street scene.

After visiting a Target in Westlake, California, the pop star, 31, dressed in a purple sweatshirt, blue sweatpants and sneakers, was spotted at the shop in the parking lot.

Spears clutched a coffee cup as she spoke at length with the artist about his work, reported People magazine.

After perusing the paintings, which were set up just a few feet away from a Party City, she ultimately picked up a large oil painting depicting a Parisian street scene.

The other paintings for sale ranged from USD 600 to USD 1200. After the sale, Spears had the oil painting, which was already framed, loaded into the back of her SUV.