Capital to witness largest theatre performance of `Andha Yug`

New Delhi: Hindi author Dharmavir Bharti`s famous historical play `Andha Yug` (The Blind Age) will be presented with much grandeur at the remains of the Kotla Feroz Shah fort after a gap of 49 years.

Slated to be a grand production, the play will be directed by Bhanu Bharti, and is being presented by Sahitya Kala Parishad, the cultural wing of the Delhi Government.

`Andha Yug`, written in 1954, is a verse play in Hindi. Set in the last day of the battle of the Mahabharata, the five-act tragedy allegory to the Partition.

"This play is very much relevant to the modern times. It is an allegory of the pathos and feeling of hopelessness felt by millions across the globe, as violence and hatred has seeped today deeply into the soical fabric of various countries. Though its pretext is that of the historical events that occurred during the Mahabharata war," said Bharti.

"The staging of Andha Yug at Kotla Feroz Shah is an attempt to popularise Indian theatre among the younger generation. Theatre is a rich, versatile and highly expressive medium of mass communication. Through Andha Yug, we hope to enhance the interest level of both youngsters and general audience towards this wonderful medium," said Shekhar Vaishnavi, Secretary, Sahitya Kala Parishad.

Veteran theatre personalities such as Mohan Maharishi will essay the role of `Dhritarashtra`, Uttara Baokar as `Gandhari`, noted TV and Bollywood actor ? Zakir Hussain as `Sanjay`, Govind Pandey as `Kripacharya`, Teekam Joshi as `Ashwathama`, Ravi Jhankal as `Vidhur`.

The introductory voice-over shall be lent by actor Om Puri. The play will sport 53 characters and will run through October 15 to 19.


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