Churchill`s last-ever cigar to be sold

London: Britain`s wartime Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill`s last-ever cigar is to be sold together with the crocodile-skin case where it was found after he died, a media report said.

Churchill was given the four-chamber Cartier pouch stamped with the brass initials WSC by his wife Clementine in 1934. He used it constantly and after his death in 1965, his widow gave it to his former bodyguard Inspector Davies.

Now, the cigar and case, along with three notes from Churchill to Inspector Davies are to go under the hammer at Christie`s autcion house on November 30 and could fetch up to 6,000 pounds, the `Daily Express` reported.

Churchill, who has been credited with the practice of dunking a cigar in wine or brandy, was rarely seen without one during his time as Britain`s wartime leader, so much so that a large cigar size was named in his honour.

His cigar smoking habit, in fact, developed during his stay in Havana, Cuba, at the end of 1885, just before his 21st birthday.