Poems loose rhythm if typed on computers: Mamata

Kolkata: An accomplished poet apart from being an ace politician, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today said typing poems on keyboards might result in loss of rhythm.

"Litterateurs have to write something as soon as they get an idea. If poets write on keyboards, then the rhythm of their poems will be lost," Banerjee said.

The 57-year-old declared that she still prefers writing with a pen to typing on the omnipresent computers.

"Now computers have come. But the satisfaction which you get by writing with ink is unparallelled," she said at the inauguration of the Kolkata Book Fair.

Banerjee said sometimes very important ideas strike her at odd times of the day.

"It happens sometimes when I am going for a bath. In that case I write it down quickly somewhere. Because if I don`t write it at that time, then the idea will skip me mind," she said explaining why she prefers pen in the age of computers.

Penned by the CM, `Kobita` (Poems), which is a collection of around 60-70 poems that catches `Didi` in a melancholic mood as she writes about inevitable death, was released on the occasion.

Two of her other books - `My Unforgettable Memories`, which is a translated version of her Bengali autobiographical account, and a photobook `Poribirton` (Change) were also released.

More than 26 titles, including prose, written by her are in print.

Banerjee`s books, which talk about human suffering, human rights violations, political protests and statements and even the beauty of nature, have been bestsellers and have received great critical acclaim from the literary world.