Robert finds stage appearance exhausting

Updated: May 07, 2011, 19:04 PM IST

London: Actor Robert Pattinson thinks appearing in a stage show would be "exhausting" because of the expectations of his fans.

Pattinson would love to star in a theatre production in London`s West End, but is worried that his ‘Twilight’ fans would come to the shows expecting him to be just like his vampire character Edward Cullen.

"I`d really, really love to do a play in London but I`d just be afraid it would turn into an `N Sync concert. or people would come along expecting it to be like `Twilight`," a website quoted Pattinson as saying.

"From the little amount of theater I`ve done, I know that usually you can feel a push from the audience, who have come along wanting the show to succeed. But when I go to premieres, it`s more like the crowd is pulling, really wanting something from you. I always feel completely drained afterwards. It would be very strange and exhausting to have that kind of experience every night on stage," he added.