Tagore`s works in Mandarin displayed for first time

Kolkata: The complete works of Rabindranath Tagore, translated into Mandarin by the Chinese government immediately after the poet`s visit to the country in 1924, were displayed in the China pavilion for the first time in the recently concluded Kolkata Book fair.

After the Bard`s visit to mainland China where his fame had spread by that time, the government of the country got his entire works translated in 24 volumes, Madan Saraf, a spokesperson at the pavilion, told reporters.

The volumes, bound in green cover with golden stripes and having notes written by the Consul-General of China, was for public viewing as thousands thronged the stall put up by the School for Chinese Language.

"Regrettably books are only on display and would be sold only from the 2013 edition of the bookfair," Saraf said.

Chinese Consul-General Zhang Lizhong said during a visit to the stall that he supported efforts of The School of Chinese Language to try to foster understanding between the people of the two nations.