Aanand L. Rai wants to spread magic of love through `Raanjhanaa`

Mumbai: As the title suggests, ‘Raanjhanaa’ is a romantic tale and its director Aanand L. Rai is confident that people would love to believe in the ideology of his film.

The ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ fame director, who has teamed up with southern star Dhanush and Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor to tell this love story, feels even though the world has become immensely fast paced, everyone wants to be loved.

"People will relate to it and love to believe in it. Everyone wants to be loved. People haven`t stopped believing in love, they have stopped believing in (other) people," he said.

His ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ was also about romance.

Asked why a love story again, he said: "I have one small complain...their (the present generation) break-ups are three black coffees and a cappuccino and they broke up. They say that life moves on. I feel sorry for it. It means something is missing in a relationship."

It`s the current scenario that persuaded Rai to bring another romantic tale through ‘Raanjhanaa’ and create and old world charm about love. Coming out June 21, the film also stars Abhay Deol.

"It is all about trusting people. We have started doubting people...I thought that I should tell a story where just looking at a girl for seven years is romantic. Love is very innocent and it starts at the age of 15. This feels like a fairy tale right now," he said.

‘Tum Tak’, one of the songs from the film, has been launched and it is a melodious romantic number composed by AR Rahman.

He says the song has elements of love and devotion.

" `Tum Tak` was the first composition, which I got from Rahman. The only thing which I was looking forward to was that I wanted a song where I can anytime replace god with lover and lover with god. Anytime, it can look like a devotional and a love song," he said.