Abhinay a good captain of the ship: Imran Khan

Mumbai: Actor Imran Khan is completely impressed by director Abhinay Deo, who has helmed his upcoming film `Delhi Belly`.

"This is the first film that Abhinay has worked on in terms of a feature film. Being a successful adfilmmaker before has helped him out a great deal. Despite the fact that it was his first film, we never felt that we were working with a new director. We felt like working with a guy very much in control of what he is doing, very calm, confident and sure of what he wants. So we had a very good captain of the ship," Imran told reporters.

Although `Delhi Belly` was supposed to be Abhinay`s debut directorial venture, he ended up completing his other project `Game` before, but the film starring Abhishek Bachchan didn`t manage to do well at the box office.

Now the director is looking forward to `Delhi Belly` that has been produced by Aamir Khan.


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