Bollywood flick ‘close to being pulled out of Ireland due to visa failure’

London: Ireland is set to lose its first Bollywood film shooting due to the government’s failure in issuing visas to the Indian members of the production.

The enraged team, which was about to splash out millions if not billions of euros for shooting and tourism, has given the Irish authorities time till Tuesday to look into the matter.

They revealed that the decision might have been based on racial issues as visas were issued instantly for the movie’s Dubai-based crew.

Film producer Zarah Shah, a former Miss Longford, told the Irish Mail that the Department of Justice failed to engage with the film backers, and the Irish Film Board and Failte Ireland said they couldn’t fix the situation.

“We don’t know if the visas have been refused, we simply haven’t heard from the Department of Justice,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

“We can’t do anything without visas for the actors and there is no movie without them. The department just keeps saying that there is a backlog.

“We applied for visas for our crew from Dubai at the same time and they were issued without any problems,” she added.

The film, titled ‘Unforgettable’, has already racked up 250,000 euros in losses and will move to Dubai if the visas don’t arrive by Tuesday.


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