Content is not king in Bollywood, feels Sartaj Singh

Mumbai: Actor-writer-director, Sartaj Singh Pannu, who is all set to make debut with `Soch Lo`, says Bollywood is driven by money and content is not the king here. "The industry here is star and money driven.

Even influences work. There are not enough risk takers in the industry when it comes to new directors or writers," Sartaj said. `Soch Lo`, is the story of a wounded man left to die in a desert.

He survives the ordeal but loses his identity. He then resorts to robbing solitary car drivers.

"Nobody from Bollywood picked up my film as it did not have a big star cast and there was no backing of any reputed star or producer for `Soch Lo`," Sartaj said. The film made on a budget of 3.25 crores is written and directed by debutante Sartaj stars Barkha Madan, Iris Maity, K P Nishan and the director himself.

"Films like `Udaan`, `Peepli Live` and `Tere Bin Laaden` are the flavor of the season. But my film is different like in case of `Udaan` and `Peepli Live` had backing of renowned people like Anurag Kashyap and Aamir Khan respectively.

I had no support from the industry," he said.


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