Here’s why Deepika quit ‘Race 2’!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Owing to its high moolah churning repute, Bollywood has become an industry where professional attitude is more a norm rather than an exception. So, when B-town honcho and a well known filmmaker Ramesh Taurani accused Deepika Padukone for betraying his hit project ‘Race 2’, alleging that the actress acted in a very unprofessional way, heads turned as everybody wanted to know what Dips had to say.

So at an event recently when Deepika was asked as to what she had in her defence, the leggy beauty said, “I have tremendous respect for Rameshji and that was never my intention. I felt very bad when I was opting out of the film, but I didn’t have any other option. The film has been delayed by one–and–a–half year and I have adjusted my dates all this time. I would still do it but now those dates are committed to other films. I wasted four months last year that I had kept aside for this film, but now I cannot adjust anymore.”

On being asked why she refused to meet Ramesh, Deepika cleared all airs and said, “I never refused to meet him. I was out of country and when I came back at 7 am, I had to shoot the climax of ‘Cocktail’ at 9 am. He later came upto the sets and I explained him my problem.”

In the milieu though, Priyanka Chopra proved advantageous. Apparently, the makers of ‘Race 2’ offered her five crores to replace Deepika, which PC obviously couldn’t resist especially after ‘Race’ becoming a brand franchise of sorts.