Image-conscious Anupam Kher won’t play Hitler on-screen

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Anupam Kher has decided against essaying the role of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. The ace actor, who is known for his acting expertise, grabbed headlines for accepting the role of Hitler in Bollywood’s first ever flick on the Nazi dictator –‘Dear Friend Hitler’.

But after seeing the response and angst of his fans from across the world, the actor decided to opt out of the film.

The actor was touched deeply when his fans from all over the world made personal requests to him saying, "How can you play Hitler, who was responsible for the massacre of millions of people?"

"Yes, that’s exactly what I was told by several people. Initially I thought that since I am an actor, I should be up for any role. But after seeing that so many people were reacting against it, I realised that I should not hurt people. Kyun kisi ko bhi dukh pahunchaun? Human emotions are bigger than cinema,” said Anupam about his decision.

However, his fans pleas weren’t the sole reason for his refusal. “I disagree with the director’s (Rakesh) statement in the media saying that Hitler was responsible for India’s independence, or something similar that he said. Being one of the better actors of Indian cinema, this is one film I can definitely do without,” said Kher.

Nevertheless, Kher’s turnabout has deeply saddened the makers of the film. “They said ‘Give us a chance’. I was even told that they were even willing to change the director. But still I declined. At the end of the day, the greed of an actor should not surpass the feelings of millions of people,” adds Kher.


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