Is Ranbir ready for his first ever on-screen death?

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Should Ranbir Kapoor die or not? That’s the question which plagues director Imtiaz Ali at the moment as he readies to wrap-up his next flick ‘Rockstar’ with Ranbir in the title role.

Imtiaz is faced with the dilemma of killing Ranbir`s character or keeping the actor`s first on-screen death on hold in this film which is a modern take of the classic love story gone awry ‘Devdas’, with rock-music at the backdrop.

Reportedly, RK’s character’s is in love with loving the woman who does not reciprocate his feelings thereby turning him into an obsessed lover of Nargis Fakhri, apparently who portrays the role of Paro of ‘Devdas’.

A source said, "The script`s climax originally has Ranbir`s character performing on stage and dying while doing so. It is meant to encapsulate ‘Devdas’ through the self-destructive rockstar. However, Ranbir has a very youthful, very hip and trendy image and there is a line of thought about how Ranbir`s target audience will react to his first-ever screen death."

The source goes on to give more details about the script, saying, "Basically Rockstar is a rock version of Devdas. The hero is an arrogant but sensitive soul who feels his life as an artiste is incomplete without love. “

He decides to fall in love, just to enhance his repertoire of emotions as a musician. However, the problem arises when Ranbir`s character conditions himself to fall in love as an emotion-enhancing device and ends up actually in love, never to get back on his feet again."

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