Kareena Kapoor refuses to do steamy scenes in ‘Heroine’

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: It seems Madhur Bhandarkar’s school of realism is not going down well with Kareena Kapoor, who reportedly asked the director to redraft his script for ‘Heroine’ on realising that she has to get intimate with five different men in the film.

Apparently, Kareena who shared intimate sequences in ‘Kurbaan’ with beau Saif is quite apprehensive about getting steamy with five men in ‘Heroine’. Buzz has it that Kareena showed her unhappiness with the script. Talking to a news daily, a source said, “Kareena might have done an intimate sequence recently in ‘Kurbaan’, but that was only because it was with Saif. Otherwise she is not keen on getting up close and personal with other co-stars.”

In ‘Heroine’, Kareena plays a stubborn heroine, which bears uncanny resemblance with Smita Patil’s character in ‘Bhumika.’

“Benegal’s film was a look at the life of the 1940’s actress Hansa Wadkar. Bhandarkar’s film on is based on several heroines, from Marilyn Monroe to Divya Bharti. It follows a heroine who flits from one relationship into another, just like Bhumika. Smita might have performed many intimate sequences with unabashed authenticity, but Kareena doesn’t want to enter that space,” the source said.

While Madhur refrained from making any comments on this issue, Kareena has denied any changes being made to the movie script and said, “We were always supposed to start next year. Madhur is still working on the script. We start shooting the film when the script is ready in the next three months. Right now Madhur is busy with ‘Dil To Bachcha Hai Jee’.”

Well, it seems Kareena is only interested in doing intimate scenes with Saif!