‘Knock Out’ a complete entertainer, says Dutt in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Actor Sunjay Dutt has described his latest film ‘Knock Out’ as a complete entertainer that sends out a strong social message to the audience.

“Well, knock out is a action thriller, it’s a commercial film with lot of entertainment and it has very strong message also,” said Dutt, who was here to promote the film.

Director Mani Shankar said the film is based on a very strong plot in which Dutt`s character will cheat those who have looted India and have many secret bank accounts across the world.
“Well, it’s based on aspirations of a dream that somewhere lies in the hearts of the billion plus Indians. You know we have seen sixty-three years of independence, we have seen how political leader behave and how they have looted this country. I think every Indian somewhere in his heart feels that this money is huge,” said Shankar.

‘Knock Out’ is slated to be released on October 15.