Language makeover for ‘Guzaarish’ after ‘Kites’ fiasco

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: It is being feared that Hrithik Roshan’s next release ‘Guzaarish’ might see the same fate as his previous film, the much hyped ‘Kites’. Distributors have cited reason that the excessive use of foreign language in the film makes it hard for the audience to connect with the content. People are not able to follow what the actors are speaking on the silver screen and this makes the cine-goer reject the film altogether.

According to a reliable source from the distribution sector, it is being heard that the makers are now seriously considering re-dubbing of the English dialogues in the film so that it becomes more suitable for the Hindi speaking junta.

On condition of anonymity, the source further clarified that distributors are not much excited about ‘Guzaarish’ for two main reasons. First, that almost half of the dialogues in the film are in English and second, contrary to Hrithik’s romantic and dancing hero image, the actor plays a handicap seated in wheel chair.

It’s the reaction of the all India distributors that has made the makers of the film go ahead with re-dubbing of it’s English dialogues.


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