‘Mausam’ gets postponed for the third time!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Actor Shahid Kapoor`s film ‘Mausam’ has been in talks for its postponement ever since. And now we hear it’s been pushed by another week.

Earlier scheduled for a September 9 release, the film will finally release on September 16.

But due to this delay in the release of ‘Mausam,’ a lot other filmmakers and their projects are going to suffer.

This has highly affected the shooting schedule of filmmaker Kunal Kohli’s next project with Shahid and Priyanka. Kohli is left with no option but to shoot his film in July.

Shahid will be required to promote his father’s film ‘Mausam’ in September so therefore he decided to start shooting for Kunal’s film in July. But the female lead in the film, Priyanka Chopra is not available in July as she is busy working and all her dates have been allocated to ‘Barfee’.

When Kunal Kohli was not left with much option, he requested Anurag Basu, to exchange dates with him. And owing to their great rapport the amicably swapped their dates.

So, now while Shahid promotes his ‘Mausam’ in mid-September, Priyanka will shoot for ‘Barfee.’

Talking to a daily, Kohli said, "We had to adjust dates as ‘Mausam’ is now released on the September 16. These days an artiste needs time for publicity and Shahid was justified in that. So, we decided to shoot the UK portions in July but the hitch was Priyanka`s dates which were with Basu. So, I just picked up the phone and called Basu with whom I share a good rapport.

We didn`t want to break the flow of the shoot. In fact, Shahid was keen to shoot the Punjab schedule but I insisted on the UK schedule as the weather is right. Now we will shoot the Punjab schedule after ‘Mausam’ releases."

Kohli further said, "Basu also needed some time for his prep and it all worked out well for all of us. I am touched by Basu`s gesture. All it required was one phone call. If need be, I will also do the same for Basu."