‘Murder 2’ teaser too hot for television viewers!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: The ‘Murder’ sequel from Bhatt camp is ready and its trailers are already the talk of the town ever since its teasers hit the idiot box. Yes, we are talking about the much hyped ‘Murder 2’.

Apparently, ‘Murder 2’ was supposed to be much hotter and wilder than its prequel. But there has been a sudden revelation amongst the producers and they feel that the scorching love scenes could be too much for the small screen.

As of now, Mukesh and Mahesh are trying to lukewarm the whole steamy love scenes of the film to make it television friendly and the duo has decided to re-shoot a song in ‘Murder 2’.

A source has revealed to a daily, “The ‘Haale Dil’ song, which features Jacqueline Fernandez and Emraan Hashmi, had to be reshot as the original was too explicit and hot. The chemistry between the actors has to be seen to be believed and the song could have easily been a concern with the censor board.”

When contacted, Mahesh Bhatt agreed that the song was made to undergo a few changes. He said, “We did not re-shoot the song entirely, but yes, some scenes were shot keeping in mind the norms of the censor board. The censor has seen the film and we have got an ‘A’ certificate without any cuts.”

Director Mohit Suri said that the song was toned down but the final cut of the song is by no means less sexy.

“We have not cooled down anything. It’s as hot as it was planned. You see the song and tell me if it is a toned down version,” he said to a daily.

Apparently, Emraan and Jacqueline were very adjusting and willing to give in extra hours of re-shooting. “Re shooting is never a problem with actors, it happens all the time in every film. Emraan and Jacqueline are too professional to say ‘no’ to their director. Forget a song, every scene in a film has many retakes,” concluded Bhatt before signing off.

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