Rajeev Khandelwal`s truth and lie moment in `Table No. 21`

Mumbai: Actor Rajeev Khandelwal, who hosted the popular ‘Sach Ka Saamna’ show, will now be seen playing a similar truth-and-lie game in the forthcoming film ‘Table No. 21’. He admits he got a taste of his own medicine.

"It was tough to sit on the seat. When I used to host that show, I always used to say that it is not easy to sit on that chair. It was my first-hand experience to sit on the chair and hats off to those who came on my show and sat in front of me and faced those questions," the 37-year-old said here Thursday at the first look launch of the film.

The small screen`s heartthrob, thanks to his popular show ‘Kahiin Toh Hoga’, has mostly done off-beat films like ‘Aamir’, ‘Shaitaan’ and ‘Soundtrack’.

‘Table No. 21’ also stars Paresh Rawal and Tena Desae and is slated for a Jan 4 release next year.

Only scripts with a soul and sensibility inspire him and good scripts make an actor`s job much easier, he said.

"`Aamir` was a wonderful script, so is this. So I like great scripts. I like scripts which have a soul, some kind of sensibility. An actor`s work becomes a lot easier if the script is good, you are not lost in the film...I also attempted `Will You Marry Me`, it didn`t work," Rajeev said.

"But I think it`s more of the script. As Pareshji said, you`ll understand what the film is about after you see it. I am sure once you walk out of the cinema hall, you`ll say it was a good script and film," he added.


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