Ram Gopal Varma in yet another major controversy!

Mumbai: Ram Gopal Varma is making headlines once again. The producer-director is now making a film on Neeraj Grover, who was brutally murdered by his girlfriend and her lover. Apparently, RGV had not sought permission from Grover’s family before making the film.

Talking to a daily, Grover’s sister Shikha expressed her anguish and said, “"Well, Ramu has not even taken our permission on making a film on what happened with my brother. We want to forget it and he is still rubbing it in. Can something be done to stop this film from being made? Can anybody please help us in this regard?"

The bereaved parents of the young man who had an untimely and a gruesome death want the film titled, `Not A Love Story` shelved. The Grovers are in a complete state of shock ever since they learnt that Ramu was making a film based on their son’s life.

"Pray, why is Varma doing this?”, said Neeraj’s mother.

"This is simply harassment. My husband and I are old and deeply grieved. Ramu ko bilkul aisa nahin karna chahiye," she added.

However, the Grovers think that they are helpless and there is none who can take a stand for them.

"Lekin dekha jaye to hum kar bhi kya sakte hain? Kisko kahein aur kya kahein? Hum to toot chuke hain." (What can we do? Who do we approach and what do we say? We are shattered).

Shockingly, RGV chose not to attend to Shikha’s (Neeraj’s sister) call and never cared to respond to her messages.

Neeraj was working with a reputed production company in Mumbai. He had promised his girl friend, Maria Susairaj, an aspiring actress a career in Hindi films. And on a ill-fated day Maria along with her boyfriend killed Neeraj cruelly.

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