Review: ‘Chala Mussaddi Office Office’ lacks a good script

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Popular TV series ‘Office Office’ gets a silver screen adaptation as ‘Chala Musaddi Office Office’. A popular sitcom which ran for almost a decade talks about red-tapism in government offices and how the common man suffers due to an inadequate system.

The film also explores the same subject with all the prominent characters enact in the story line. While in the TV series, a hapless Mussaddi was shown dealing with various sections of the government and corrupt officials, the film shows how Mussaddi gets even with his victimizers.

Pankaj Kapoor as Mussaddi Lal loses his wife to kidney failure and a corrupt system. Soon the retired teacher finds out that his monthly pension payment has been stopped. He approaches the government officials Pandey (Hemant Gupta), Bhatia (Manoj Pahwa), Patel (Deven Bhojani), Shukla (Sanjay Mishra) and Usha (Asawari Joshi) and is informed that on paper he has already been declared dead and hence the pension payment has stopped.

The main plot has in fact been lifted from one of the episodes of the series. Writer Ashwani Dhir extends the idea into a full-length feature film. The first half of the film depicts how the main protagonist is made the scapegoat by each of the corrupt official, in every possible way. While in the second half, the writer twists the narrative and makes Mussaddi take revenge.

The outcome is a bit unrealistic but you end up identifying with most of Mussaddi’s problems and cannot help but laud his revenge seeking tactics. But the problem lies when the saga becomes unending with numerous twists and turns.

What starts as a brilliant satire ends up in a moralistic jargon. The film is stretched unnecessarily and brilliant star cast doesn’t help in saving the film.

All actors from Pankaj Kapoor, Manoj Pahwa, Deven Bhojani, Sanjay Mishra, Hemant Gupta to Asawari Joshi, revive their roles from the television show and are brilliant but have very little scope because of a weak script.

Ratings:Two cheers for this one!

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