`Agents of SHIELD` to get comic book series

PTI| Last Updated: Jul 29, 2014, 09:49 AM IST

London: Marvel`s Agents of SHIELD will have its own ongoing comic book series.

The first issue of the series, written by Mark Waid, will be released in December and features illustrations by Carlos Pacheco, reportedly.

The artists will change issue to issue, with illustrators including Alan Davis and Chris Sprouse being involved with the project.

Agent Coulson will appear as a lead character in the Marvel`s Agents of SHIELD series, with Waid saying that characters from the TV show will also make appearances.

"Oh, we`re definitely bringing the gang in, from May to Fitz and Simmons and beyond. They`re the Marvel Universe `versions` of these characters, which gives us license to really delve into them in ways that are tough with limited screen time each week," he said.